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Choosing the proper cutter style is critical for maximum production and safety. Below we have listed some of the popular Oregon® chain cutter choices. Remember to use this for  informational purposes. Comstock Logging Supplies, Inc. encourages anyone operating a chain saw to seek proper training. Use low kick chains whenever possible.

• Chisel - Also referred to as “Flat Top” or “Square Corner”. Best when used in clean cutting conditions and is a fast cutting chain. This chain will dull quicker if the cutting corner is exposed to dirt or abrasive conditions and takes a little more effort to sharpen properly.

• Semi-Chisel - Also referred to as “Round Tooth” and “Barrel Tooth”. This chain may be a little more forgiving in dirty situations. Many find it easier to file due it’s rounded edge.

• Chipper - This chain is only available in 3/4” pitch Harvester applications. The tooth is easy to spot with its fully rounded corners. Not for use in hand-held applications.

• Micro-Chisel - A fairly new design cutter style that offers small radius working corners for a combination of fast cutting and easy maintenance.  Available in the following hand held applications: .325 pitch (20, 21, 22, 95 series), 1/4” pitch (25 series), .404 pitch (26, 27 series) and .404 pitch Harvester in both (16H and 18X).

• Chamfer Chisel - These cutters have an angular shape with twin cutting corners, this allows outstanding performance and easy maintenance.

• Ripping - Used when cutting parallel to the grain. This style has a special factory grind on the cutters designed for making dimensional limber.

With the seemingly endless combination of chain types and sizes, we have listed our most popular styles with a description of each on our website. We hope you will find the information provided helpful in selecting the appropriate chain for your needs. Comstock Logging Supplies, Inc. stocks these styles and more, so if what you are looking for is not shown on our website, please call for assistance - 1-800-579-6831.